How safe are you flying? New DPZ Safety Rating Estimator


How safe is to fly a Quanum Nova, a DJI Phantom 3, a 3DR Solo, a Storm racing drone?

Should you be worried about the video capabilities of any drone?

DPZ has developed a system that helps to clarify the differences. They break consumer class RTF – Ready to Fly multi-rotors in to 4 safety classes.


  • These multi-rotors are safe for all levels of pilots.
  • They have a weight below 50g (1.76oz) and pose almost no risk to physical harm or property damage.
  • They have thrust below 100g and are not capable of carrying any significant payloads.
  • They have extremely limited control range and must be flown LOS (Line Of Sight) within 50m (165ft).
  • If they have a camera it is low resolution and lacks any transmission capabilities and pose almost no risk to personal privacy.
  • They have no intelligence features beyond novel control types and stabilization.
  • Our Recommendation is they are placed in the same legal category as small paper airplanes, nerf guns, and baseballs.


  • These multi-rotors are slightly more advanced and require an informed pilot, but they are still extremely safe and lack the capabilities to warrant serious concern.
  • They weigh less than 200g (7oz) and do not pose a serious risk to physical harm, property damage or personal privacy.
  • They have a very limited control range less than 100m (330ft).
  • They may carry low resolution cameras, short range FPV, and small payloads.
  • They may have limited intelligence, including novel control types and Tx based RTH (Return to Home)
  • Our Recommendation is they are placed in the same legal category as large paper airplanes, frisbees, and footballs.


  • These multi-rotors require a responsible and informed pilot.
  • They weigh enough to cause limited physical harm or property damage weighing up to 2.0Kg (4.4lbs).
  • They are powerful enough to carry small payloads such as high resolution cameras, gimbals, GPS systems or up to 2.0Kg (4.4lbs) of carrying capacity.
  • They have an extended control range up to 1.5Km (0.9miles) and can potentially fly beyond LOS (generally considered 500m for this sized aircraft).
  • They can have many intelligence capabilities and do pose a reasonable personal privacy consideration.
  • They are the consumer class that is the most likely to get into trouble and requires careful and considerate piloting.


  • These multi-rotors are professional quality and have advanced capabilities.
  • They pose significant physical harm and property damage in the event of a crash.
  • They are capable of carrying large payloads above 2.0Kg (4.4lbs).
  • They have advanced imaging and intelligence features, long range transmission for video and control, and may require two or more operators.
  • These multi-rotors should only be flown by advanced pilots.

To get a rating depending on your drone visit DPZ website at


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