Beginners Flying Guide and Tips, Remember Safety First

Beginners Flying Guide
Beginners Flying Guide

Beginners flying guide and tips for all those who just got a quadcopter / drone.

It has been only 2 days after Christmas and already we all have seen loads of videos on YouTube and other Social Media with all these people that just got their first quadcopter, crashing it, losing it, losing control of it, braking it, demolishing it, landing it in rooftops etc etc. Below is a beginners flying guide and tips that will help all those new pilots flying their quads and drones.

  • Do not fly on manual mode yet.
    Manual mode requires experience as many of the “aids” are disabled. After you have more experience try manual mode but choose a safe place away from people, cars and houses.
  • Use GPS mode if available.
     Advanced and more expensive multicopters come with a GPS Mode. In this mode the GPS will help you have the quad still on a position and hover as it balances itself to stay at the same place. Very helpful feature for aerial photography and videography.
  • Be very careful of the wind.
     Always take notice of the wind as the quad / drone will drift away. Keep in mind it is better to fly first against the wind and come back with the wind as the battery will be at lower voltage.
  • Keep it simple.
     For your first flights and till you feel you are getting better at controlling your quad / drone try just to fly around without making fast moves or any rolls and flips. You can try all that after you have some experience.
  • Master hovering.
     Hovering for beginners can be very difficult, try to hover your quad / drone around 2 meters (6 feet) above the ground. Use throttle, pitch and roll to keep it still in one position.
  • Yaw control.
     Try to control your quad / drone only with pitch to go forward and yaw to turn left and right. Start by practicing flying in circles and when you feel confident try and do figures of “8”. This control technique will help you later on if you do FPV Racing or on you aerial videos.
  • Remember to cut off the throttle.
     Crashing you quad / drone (yes it will happen) can cause damage to your propellers and your quad. When the inevitable happens you need to learn to cut off the throttle so no further damage can be done.
  • Choose the right spot.
     We recommend that you choose a quite spot with no people, houses, cars or animals around and no high obstacles such as power lines, if it can be protected from the wind even better. Right conditions and the luck of disturbance will ensure a safer and definitely more enjoyable flight and experience for you.

All of us should enjoy the sport and have a great time, but sometimes we need to think that safety of ourselves and others come first. Also no one wants to break their new quad that they got as a Christmas present.

I hope the above beginners flying guide, help you understand the basics of a multicopter and how to fly it.

Happy flying everyone !!