DJI Osmo Sample Video Footage


From its energetic music and dance, down to the fragrant and rustic cuisine, Spain reverberates with life and adventure. When the mainland isn’t enough, the paradise of Ibiza is only a short ferry ride away.

Notice as the DJI Osmo​ is used to take fast paced shots ranging from running on the beach to navigating bustling streets full of people. This camera is small and non intimidating allowing for very intimate shots with great flexibility.

DJI osmo in Spain

India is both one of the most diverse and most densely populated countries on Earth. Every city has its own language, clothing, and customs. Between the ghats of Varanasi and the countless Chaiwallas in New Delhi, India is all things to all people.

Getting up close and personal is the only way I can describe this video. The DJI Osmo allows you to capture the moment without disrupting the moment. DJI created a great drone platform for capturing video from the air, and it looks like the DJI Osmo will allow for that same beautifully stabilized DJI camera footage to be captured in a more personal way immersing the viewer in the experience.​

DJI Osmo in India


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