Flight Controllers Comparison



The most essential part of your multicopter!

Flight controllers is the most essential part of your multicopter, there are a lot of them on the market varying in prices from £20 to £300 and even more, it all comes to what you want to use your multicopter for and what your flight style is below you will find a small flight controller comparison.

Aerial video, Autonomous flying and FPV Racing, these are 3 of the most common flying “types”.


Aerial photos and video.

One of the most stable flight controllers for aerial photos and video is the Naza from DJI.

Naza M V2 and the recently released Naza M-lite are the 2 most common flight controllers people are using for aerial photos and videos. Both come in a KIT with a GPS antenna, capable of self leveling, hold position and return to home.

They offer a very stable flying which is very important for smooth videos and they are very easy to set up.

Autonomous flying

Made from 3D Robotics the Pixhawk and APM2.6 flight controllers offer astonishing features.

Pixhawk is the most advance board 3DR are offering, while APM2.6 come in an affordable price packed with loads of features. Autonomous flight through waypoints (you will need the GPS antenna), is easily set up with the help of mission planner software. Self leveling, hold position and return to home comes as a standard with both of the boards and with the telemetry radios you can have a total control of your multicopter.

Both of the boards are based on Arduino and open source software, both of the boards are capable of the full range of flight requirements from fast paced FPV racing to smooth aerial photography to fully autonomous complex missions.

FPV Racing

Another open source flight controller is the CC3D from OpenPilot, while this board is not packed with loads of features it offers great flight charateristics when it comes to high speed maneuvers. If you want to so some FPV racing or you just want to have fun with your high speed multicopter then the CC3D board is just right for you.

CC3D is based in open source software and it is very easy to set up.


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