Review: The New RCX H2205 2350KV : 22xx Power For The 18xx Weight Class!

RCX 2205 - 2300kv
RCX 2205 - 2300kv

I recently received 4 of the new RCX H2205/2350KV motors for my Tech Teardown; thanks to MyRCMart for providing them for review.

RCX H2205-2350 Promotional Price $8.99


Model: H2205-6
KV: 2350KV
Weight: Approx. 24-25g
Cable: 150mm, 22AWG Silicone
Prop Shaft Diameter: 5mm (CW)
Stator Diameter: 22mm
Stator Length: 5mm
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Configuration: 12N14P
Internal Resistance: 0.109Ω
Suitable ESC: 10-20A

H2205 Mechanical Draft

RCX Published Thrust Data

First Impressions:

The first thing I noticed upon unpacking the motors is how light they feel; all of the 2204-2206 motors I’ve worked with so far have been noticeably heavier than the DYS 1806es I prefer for my daily drivers. These feel… EXACTLY the same.

H2205/2350 only 24.25 grams bare!

Curious, I pulled out my scale for a quick comparison…

DYS 1805-2300 actually 0.5 grams heavier!

…and found that my favorite 1806es are actually a hair heavier. However, they come with 200mm long leads as opposed to 150mm for the RCX H2205. After searching around for a couple scraps of 22AWG silicone wire to weigh, my calculations indicate that the difference of 150mm total weighs right about 0.5 grams. So… they actually weigh pretty much exactly the same.

For this comparison I weighed without the steel prop nut/washer or spinner; most users will replace with aluminum locknuts so their weight is not relevant.

2205 on a Diet!

That kind of weight reduction doesn’t come easy; they had to put this little beast on a hardcore diet. Starting with a compact design for this size, they integrated the propshaft to reduce weight even more while keeping a nice 15.5mm long shaft with a substantial smooth shoulder area to keep your props perfectly centered.
Then, to reduce weight even more, they’ve carved away everything that is not absolutely essential. The motor base is heavily undercut just like the motor bell above; this also serves to promote cooling airflow for the double-wound stator.

Quality NMB Bearings provide an exceptional smoothness you can feel when turned by hand. This was one of my favorite things about the DYS 1806es until recently; I received a set that were utterly bunk. My vendor replaced them without hassle and the new ones were awesome as I’d come to expect; but still… it doesn’t undo the fact.

DYS 1806 Bell & Prop Hub : 10.48 grams

RCX H2205 Bell: 9.48 grams

Here you can see the effects of this weight-saving up close; this motor bell is STILL 1 gram lighter than the 1806!

This motor has a nice long 15mm propshaft, so no need to buy poor quality half-thickness locknuts that damage the threads. It has a larger, more powerful magnet array and stronger 3mm axle shaft, yet still is 1 gram lighter!

Dynamic balancing done in two planes yields an exceptionally smooth motor; spooling up with no prop on the thrust stand yielded no discernible vibration. This motor is as smooth as glass!

Lower rotating mass + more torque = faster spoolup. Physics can be hard; but here its FUN!!!


This motor packs exceptional build quality and smooth operation into a package as light as an 1806 but only slightly larger. It will fit nicely in the 180-250mm Acro quad class, and the manufacturer recommends it for 4″-6″ props at 3S-5S depending on prop size.

Remember that at 4S & 5S RPMs, desync will be your enemy; use only appropriately fast ESCs or you will face instantaneous smoky disaster!


* Small Size & weight for 22xx class motor makes it really comparable to 18xx class
* More power for your mini & micro quads vs 18xx motors with no weight penalty
* Super smooth with dynamic balancing & quality NMB bearings
* Extra-long 15mm x 5mm propshaft means no more cursing that your nuts are too thick
* High Performance motor at a “Daily Driver” Bargain Price


* Heavily undercut Bell & Motor base may not be as durable; time will tell
* Less aluminum means less cooling mass; you will need to be very careful not to overload motor
* Higher RPM capability means you need to buy better, faster ESCs to avoid desync and smoky death
* Shorter 150mm motor leads may not be friendly to some “everything between the frame plates” builds
* Ummm… doesn’t cook you breakfast the morning after?


This is not a CHEAP motor; it is an exceptionally good quality motor being sold far too cheaply. If you’re even thinking about these motors I suggest you should get them while they’re still this cheap. Even with shipping, they’re an amazing value.


Here’s my test setup; I wanted to be able to include RPM data as well, but when I dug out my old Tach, I found it was totally banjaxxed.

I’m afraid the HQ 5545s didn’t make it yet; but I DID manage to produce a usable 4045 for Julian.

RCX H2205 2300Kv Prop Shootout

Special thanks to Paul – mnemennth – Krajewski for sharing his review with us.

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