UK Government cracks down on ‘rogue drone users’ with new no-fly zones and altitude limits


Drone users will be required to register and sit safety-awareness tests as part of a Government clampdown on rogue operators.

Police will be given greater powers to prevent unsafe or criminal use of the machines while new technology could be used to create no-fly zones for drones.

But alongside new laws, ministers are also keen to develop technology allowing the greater use of drones for tasks including deliveries of everything from shopping to human organs.

Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg said: “Drones have great potential and we want to do everything possible to harness the benefits of this technology as it develops.

“But if we are to realise the full potential of this incredibly exciting technology, we have to take steps to stop illegal use of these devices and address safety and privacy concerns.

“These new laws strike a balance, to allow the vast majority of drone users to continue flying safely and responsibly, while also paving the way for drone technology to revolutionise businesses and public services.”