Walkera Runner 250 FPV Racing Quad

Walkera Runner 250 FPV Quad
Walkera Runner 250 FPV Quad

Today we will present the Walkera Runner 250 FPV Racing Quad. As FPV Racing is one of fastest growing RC sports the bread-n-butter of racing have become virtually indestructible 250 size FPV quads. Walkera has a very good package here equipped with an 800TVL FPV camera and a transmitter.  The size as you can see from the name is a 250mm diagonal motor shaft to motor shaft quad. The carbon fiber materials used for the frame keep the weight at a low of 530g and they make the Walkera Runner 250 an ideal and very fast FPV racing quad capable of doing 35 – 40 Km/h.

It comes with a 7 channel Devo-RX7 receiver and a Devo 7 2.4GHz transmitter and the maximum distance is 1 Km. The main controller for the Walkera Runner 250 is the FCS-RUNNER 250, motors are CW and CCW at 2100KV and they come with matched ESCs, it uses a 25C 3S Li-Po battery 11.1V and 2200mAh. The flight time is between 12 to 14 minutes.

The kit comes with everything you need to start flying this quad and you also have some optional accessories like Goggle2 with OSD real time display with a built-in head tracking system and the Devo F12E  radio.

We recommend the Walkera Runner 250 as it comes in a nice package with everything you need to fly. If you are a beginner or even an advanced flyer you will be happy to know that Walkera distributes a lot of spare parts for Runner 250 so in case of a crash you will be able to replace anything you need at a very cheap price.

We would also suggest that you change the standard props that come with the kit to some carbon fiber props.

Where to buy from

We recommend buying from Amazon and if you have an Amazon Prime account you can have next day delivery.

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