XPLORER G introduces New Perspective and New Potential for GOPRO


Early this year, Shenzhen Zero UVA, world’s leading UVA expert, launched their first consumer-oriented XPLORER series. With personalized design, advanced and stable flight control technology, it quickly receivespositiveresponse fromthe market. Recently, Shenzhen Zero launches XPLORER G, which is capable of carrying GOPRO camera, to meet users’ demand for a variety of shooting.

XPLORER G inherits the style of Xplorer series, personalized, cool and tough. Angular rigid design with cool coating, demonstrates the taste effectively. With dual-angle foldable tripod, it is portable and easy to fit in a backpack. The style of remote control is fantastic, with sleek lines, adopting excellent ergonomics curve arc design, which feels excellent to grip. Stand-up design, remote control handle and retractablephone holder vividly demonstrate the concept of humanity of XPLORER series.


Shenzhen Zero first adopts modular design, which helps XPLORER G abandon tediously assembling many parts. XPLORER G is called the best partner of GOPRO camera. In the past, it was very complex to haveGOPRO camera to work with UAV, users will have to buy external wires, image transmission devices, transmission antennas and other equipment, it also requires users to have strong hands-on ability, which is time and energy consuming. XPLORER G is just plug-and-play, without the need to buy extra parts or assembling tools. The aircraft with GOPRO, completely realized instant flying in true sense. Attach GOPRO, and users can immediately enjoy the image of 4K in quality.

On the key components, XPLORER G uses three-axis stabilizedgimbal of high precision, providing active stabilizedtechnology. The precision angle control reaches the industry-leading ± 0.02 °, which can offset the flight jitter caused by the external environment, provides super smooth high-definition video capture. With the built-in 5G wireless digital image transmission system, the image shot by GOPRO can be real-time previewed through mobile devices within the transmission rangeof 500m.


As for the flight control applications, Shenzhen Zero is as strong as before. On the premise of ensuring safe flight, XPLORER G equipped with lose contact / low power to automatically return, automatically follow, and 360 degrees shooting around, further enhance the UAV to explore the fun of the world. The creative modular design also make 48-hour after-sales service possible, leading the industry to a whole new level, reducing worries for users after purchase.